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Winstep Nexus Dock Download ( Latest)

Winstep Nexus Dock Download ( Latest)

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Nexus Dock Free Download for Windows 11, 10, 7, 8/ | DownSoftware – Software Technologies

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Additional mouse-over, launch, attention and delete effects. Unlimited number of clock alarms, scheduled tasks and reminders. Customize system tray with high resolution icons. Features In Depth Multiple docks and sub-docks Nexus Ultimate Create multiple docks for a variety of customized needs, organize applications within collapsible groups, or ‘sub-docks’.

A Shelf makes it possible to have a ‘clean’, uncluttered, desktop with no icons on it whatsoever by having Nexus Ultimate hide the icons on the Desktop – icons that can then be quickly accessed via the Desktop tab.

Tabs in a Shelf can also have keyboard shortcuts associated to them to make the Shelf simultaneously come to the foreground and open that particular tab. You can create as many Shelves as you want with the built-in Dock and Shelves Manager, dock them to the screen edge of any monitor, or even leave them floating on your desktop. You can even add sub-docks and Grid Stacks to Shelves: Grid Stacks Nexus Ultimate Stacks are a particulary useful new feature that can give you instant access to the contents of Applications, Documents, Downloads, and any other folders placed into a dock, shelf or drawer.

Display running applications on the dock with task grouping, task filtering and icon customization options. It also functions on the basis of internal commands.

These controls are based on keyboard shorts that you can use to turn off your computer or put it into hibernate and more. Essentially, it adds a greater degree of control over your computer. WND is safe. It does not come with any unwanted installation programs. Also, there are no problems with viruses existing within the system to endanger your computer.

The company, Winstep, has rigorously tested it with thousands of users. Overall, the dock is stable. Although it does have a sizable file when compared to others like Rocketjump , it is well optimized.

It does put some demands on your CPU when running especially with a lot of customizations. Windows 10 and earlier Microsoft systems are capable of handling the software. One problem with it is that it has not modernized its interface well. Many of the looks are quite old and unappealing. Of course, it also depends on the users’ tastes, but many of the interface designs are from when it first came out.

WND has plenty of extra features to play around with when using it. It has focused heavily on customization through these options. First off, it has over 19 different skins to use to change up the look. Individual widgets like the time, battery life, and so on can be exchanged for the various re-skins provided by the app.

Apps can also be attached to specific keyed shortcuts , enabling them to be launched or brought to the front of the current process. The app runs on a drag and drop basis where you can move and rearrange the apps easily.

Also, Nexus is the only dock to have the ability to be controlled through the use of a smart remote control. Anyone who uses a home theater will be pleased with this option. The free version supports only one clock while the pro version has multiple.

Even so, this integrated clock can run specific programs when you desire. Another aspect of the clock is the notifications that can be customized to play specific music tracks.

Lastly, it can provide reminders for events. The application also provides support for various files. You are free to modify the images available in any way you want to. Finally, it also is able to handle all UWP apps unlike Object dock. There are many more specializations that could be mentioned, but these are the most important ones. To list a few more, you can use special effects for the widgets , live icon reflections, and so on.

The Free version does lack many of the features provided in the Nexus Ultimate Edition. Specifically, with a subscription, you can have shelves, tabs, grid stacks, unlimited clock options, a specialized filter, and more.

The Winstep Nexus Dock is familiar because it shares so many features and looks of ObjectDock , one of our favorite taskbar replacements. While they look similar, we found that ObjectDock is actually more intuitive to use and customize. There’s no doubt that the Winstep Nexus Dock is feature-packed but the menus and options are spread all over the place and you really have to learn to use the program. There is a pro version of the Winstep Nexus Dock available which allows you to create multiple docks, nest docks, create shelves, and much more.

We think that the free version will be enough for casual users, though. Overall, the Winstep Nexus Dock is a great, free dock app that can be as simple as an app launcher or as functional as a Windows taskbar replacement. Check out ObjectDock if you want something with a more intuitive interface. Still cannot get bored with it.

Has too many possible routes to take to get my desired rhythm. Nothing but awesomeness!. It’s nothing but awesomeness. I’d say that it is professionally designed to look good on your desktops!

Ano ther thing I noticed was it’s so customizable. From how it looks like themes, icon sizes, effects on mouse over , sounds if you prefer them , to its behavior as to how fast the icons react, how fast they zoom in and zoom out.. One of my greatest downloads. This works perfectly specially if you’re the one who likes to have almost everything the way you want it.


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Nexus Dock offers us an attractive and easy way to access our favorite programs without having to renounce the start menu nor shortcuts. Nexus Dock appears as a. Download WINSTEP NEXUS latest version () free for Windows 10 PC/Laptop. 64 bit and 32 bit safe Download and Install from official link! Download Winstep Nexus Dock for Windows to access your most frequently used the User Interface to match the upcoming April update Windows 10 light mode.

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