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How to Enable Calculator Graphing Mode in Windows 10 – TechCult.

How to Enable Calculator Graphing Mode in Windows 10 – TechCult.

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How to Unlock Microsoft’s Free Graphing Calculator in Windows 10 – Enable Calculator Graphing Mode in Windows 10


Today, even the most basic Windows applications such as Alarm, Clock, and Calculator are designed to let you perform a number of varying tasks in addition to the obvious chores. In the Calculator app, a new mode was made available to all users in the May build of Windows As the name implies, it can be used to plot equations on a graph and analyze functions. This graphing mode is quite helpful if you are a student or an employee making presentations, especially if your career is in mechanical and architectural streams.

Although, for most users, the graphing mode is greyed out or disabled by default. It thus needs to be enabled manually. Today, we will teach you how to enable or disable Calculator Graphing Mode in Windows The Calculator application itself has four different modes built into it along with a bunch of converters. Enabling graphing mode in the calculator application is actually a very easy task and involves editing either Group Policy Editor or Windows Registry.

Both of these applications store important settings pertaining to Windows OS and its applications, so be extremely careful when following the steps to avoid prompting any errors or damaging your system altogether. In this article, we have detailed two different ways to enable Calculator Graphing Mode in Windows 10 and also provided a basic walkthrough of the model at the end. This method is applicable if you are using Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows Though, if you have a Home edition then you will not be allowed to access the Group Policy Editor.

So, try the other method. Type gpedit. Click on Allow Graphing Calculator entry in the right pane. Then, select the policy setting option shown highlighted. Click the Enabled radio button and click Apply to save the changes.

Your Calculator app will show Graphing option once your PC boots back on. Note: To disable graphing calculator on Windows 10 computer, select Disabled option in Step 5. Follow the given steps to enable or disable Calculator graphing mode on Windows 10 PCs:.

Click on Start , type regedit, and click on Open to launch Registry Editor. Paste the following location path in the address bar and hit the Enter key. Note: It is quite possible you did not find the Calculator folder.

You will therefore need to create one manually. Right-click on Policies and click New followed by Key. Name the key as Calculator.

Otherwise, you will again need to manually create the value. Right-click on the blank space. Name the value as AllowGraphingCalculator. Now, right-click on AllowGraphingCalculator and click Modify.

Type 1 under Value data: to enable the feature. Click on OK to save. Exit the Registry Editor and restart your PC. Note: If you wish to disable Graphing mode in the future, change the Value data to 0 in Step 5. Click on the hamburger three horizontal lines icon present at the top-left corner. Within a split second, you will be greeted with an empty graph on the left pane and a familiar-looking calculator numeric pad on the right, as shown below.

Enter equations e. Hover the mouse pointer over the plotted line to receive the exact coordinates of that point, as illustrated below. Apart from plotting equations, the graphing mode can also be used to analyze equations, although not all of them. To check the functional analysis of an equation, click on the lightning icon next to it.

Once the equations are mapped, three new options become active at the top-right corner of the graph window. The first option lets you trace the plotted lines using the mouse or keyboard. Hope so the above method helped you to enable, use or disable Calculator Graphing Mode in Windows Elon is a tech writer at TechCult.

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