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Affinity Designer VS Sketch – Designer News.Reddit designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic elements on Dribbble

Affinity Designer VS Sketch – Designer News.Reddit designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic elements on Dribbble

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Sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download

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I know some people combine between the two but I can’t see the necessity – please choose your favourite and if you combine your workflow explain why. Remember when you done designing there is a lot of process going on. Developers need your assets, measurements. Sketch and Adobe XD delivers you exactly that. These are not tools just for design they are also tools for the developers.

Affinity is just a Illustration Tool like Illustrator. Photoshop is a tool to alter and modify bitmap images. Please start using applications for their purpose. You didn’t want to cook a hole 5 star meal in the microwave oven right? Valid point. Affinity Designer, Illustrator and Photoshop can all export assets for web and native apps, using many different methods — all three have slices, Photoshop also has Generator, and Illustrator also has a new Export for Screens feature.

I agree, but at the same time, I find it impossible to create certain things in anything other than Photoshop. Highly detailed app icons are unpractical in anything else. Affinity’s most recent update is targeted specifically for UI design.

Yeah like Photoshop updated with artboards. But it doesn’t mean it is a good tool for UI Design, right? I honestly haven’t built any UI design in Affinity yet, so I’m really not sure if it’s well suited for designers. Your argument was for designers to use applications for their purpose, and it seems that Affinity Designer has made a pretty big update specifically for using the application for UI design artboards, nested symbols, constraints, etc.

Both were originally created as competitors to Adobe Illustrator. People that design UI just sort of latched on to Sketch because of some of its features, but more importantly because of its plugin development community. Sketch would not be nearly as useful without all the awesome plugins that people have created for it. It lacks A LOT of stuff. I used it for about 6 hours one day and got so fed up with lack of features I rebuilt the entire project I was working on in Webflow.

Sorry, but Adobe Illustrator is the tool for actual UI design creation and element development. It’s the only legacy vector package from Adobe. Fireworks also, prior to its decease. Affinity therefore, as far as I can see right now, is then of course intended for UI design and the same level of digital asset creation as Illustrator is.

Sketch, yeh, that is an artboard workflow tool that leads on to instant device testing and prototyping. It has like you say extended its library of functions to make UI design on it a primary task. Photoshop is as it says on the tin, a “Photo” “Shop”, somewhere you should only go to alter and adapt photographs and digital compositions. UI design requires design in vector format. I have no ill feelings, really, toward those who use Photoshop, but by doing so it’s like you’re unwilling to open your mind and increase your perspective.

You’re sticking with what you know, ever since you were a kid, Photoshop was a big name, and you doctored those family photos with sheer amazement. BUT, Illustrator, by its very nature and fabric of creation is intended for the development of digital assets and pixel perfect elements which is the necessity for UI design. Sketch, Affinity etc.

I’m still sticking with Photoshop, but after having tried both Sketch and Affinity a few times, I’d say Affinity is the superior product – it’s fast and powerful, it comes with far less bugs than Sketch has and does it all for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention it has far better support for existing file formats like PSD. My vote is for Affinity Designer. Before Affinity I used and still use Sketch.

In terms of performance and migration from an Adobe product, I think Affinity wins hands down. Try zooming in over one million percent on any other of these apps If you dive deeper into Affinity it becomes a really be-all-end-all tool.

The “persona” modes allow you to quickly switch from vector to pixel based editing and the export feature is the way “slicing” should have always been inside photoshop in my opinion.

You can export to a tremendous amount of file types and even PSDs with some limitations. From a UI perspective, I think the pen and node tool and very innovative. Adobe Illustrator. I’m so used to pressing “V” to get back to a move tool that really doesn’t exist in Sketch. So then I’m left with the “Vector” tool which kills my workflow almost every time I open the program.

It’s the little things I use Sketch for almost everything. I switch to Affinity Designer only when I need to typeset something using alternate letterforms. They still need running through SVGO to remove a few superfluous tags and minify, though. I have this weird idea that designers working on web app UIs should use something like WebFlow to design stuff so they can have a better grasp of what is actually possible to do with CSS. It’s nice that Sketch has all sorts of plugins that make it easier to hand off to developers, but the process still strikes me as awkward and a step too far from the final product.

It’s not something that will come out in auto-documentation plugins or even the developer looking at the Sketch file themselves. Furthermore designs who have never played with CSS may not even realize they have the freedom to do stuff like that. I’ve just started playing with webflow for prototyping. I’m looking for responsiveness and interaction.

Hoping webflow can deliver. How has your experience been so far? I’m hoping I don’t get frustrated or hit a wall with it and end up going to code because speed of creating is what I am looking for. Hey sorry I missed your comment here, for some reason I don’t always get emails when people reply to me on DN.

WebFlow can create the vast majority of layouts and interactions you come across on the web. Regarding speed I think it’s mostly a matter of familiarizing yourself with the UI. They aren’t really doing anything completely outlandish with their setup, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get up to speed.

Webflow is awesome, however in Affinity Designer you can specify elements to have percentage widths and heights with the Constraints panel. It’s actually really cool.

What really bugs me about all these tools is that none of them let you make tables. Do I really need to pull up Microsoft Excel to create a table that I can drop into my design whether that be Sketch, Affinity, or Webflow? InDesign really has that only decent table creation and styling ability of any design app. That is sad. I know tables are not used for layout, but they are still used to display data. Plus it is way harder to style div elements to be table-like for a quick mockup than it is to just make an html table.

Kind of weird. On the baseline, they should just have the actual knowledge and experience of CSS as a coding language. Haven gotten their hands dirty with it at some point so that they then know what’s possible.

Not necessarily a ‘unicorn’ designer, but it is a severe must to have awareness of the technologies you are working with and have an impact on. I’ve bene using Sketch for the past 18 months or so. I’m not a heavy graphics designer, but I’ve been using it for icons, iOS mocks and a few other pretty light weight design tasks.

But last week, I’ve switched over to Affinity Designer. The workflow is slightly different but the stability and performance is a lot better and it catches up to Sketch in a lot of other aspects after 1. The main turn off for me and Sketch right now are the bugs Text bugs, rotation bugs and boolean math on shape bugs.

Using Sketch. Tried both. They still have more to copy before they can start to innovate. Sketch’s UI is better, simpler and more powerful as well. The end result will be the same for both, but the time saver and leader in this space is definitely Sketch. Try them out and see for yourself. They still have more to copy before they can start to innovate”. I’ve used both and stuck with Affinity, as it’s a lot like illustrator and I do a wide range of work all of which need. With that being said, we my partner and myself have created a lot of great UI’s with it.

We just did an onboarding process with 44 screens without fail. From my understanding with Sketch, it a lot easier for repeat elements and on similar screens. Overall it doesn’t seem that Sketch allows for more complexed elements, which is why people would be using both. I’d say try both and let yourself decide at the end its your preference. You, like most people, will be happy with Sketch but Affinity is a nice alternative if you want something more. I’m curious—has anyone been using Affinity’s constraints and nested symbols for creating reusable components?

How is it?


Sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download. Uplabs App


Are you a member? Register or Login. All this time, Illustrator has been the go-to software for vector graphics design. Illustrator is now part of their workflow and career. Adobe used this loyalty to their advantage, by converting their software licensing to a subscription plan.

You now have to pay a monthly price to keep using the software. Affinity Designer is everything that you want a graphic design software to be. But, is it powerful enough to provide all the tools you need to do your work? Does it have all the essential features of Illustrator?

To answer these questions, we compared Affinity Designer against Adobe Illustrator. Discover thousands of Affinity Designer graphics for your next project with an Envato Elements membership. Explore Affinity Designer Templates. The latest version продолжить чтение Illustrator CC packs quite a lot of amazing sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download and tools that make it powerful enough to serve all types of creatives from freelance designers to Hollywood movie poster designers and everyone in between.

Affinity Designerinitially released in exclusively on Mac devices, arrived on the Windows platform in with a promise of a better alternative to Illustrator. It was quite a bold approach to compete with an industry leader such as Adobe with decades of experience. Somehow, Affinity made it possible.

Affinity Нажмите для деталей offers all the essentials you need for vector graphics design and possibly more. One of the reasons it became so successful is not just because of the affordable price, there are even free Illustrator alternatives out there, на этой странице because of the quality of the app. But also because of their ease of use. Adobe Illustrator, on the other читать полностью, has a very sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download user interface.

The same goes for Affinity Designer. But, it has a simpler user interface than Illustrator. Probably because it lacks some of the more advanced tools offered in Illustrator, like the mesh адрес, blend tool, knife tool, and the large collection of filters and effects. They are slated to be added in future updates. But of course, they are non-essential tools you can certainly learn to navicat premium free download without.

Adobe had decades of research and development to fine-tune all its software, including Illustrator. Especially the CC versions are much more advanced than it used to be. However, the software has a tool palette with all the necessary tools to make it a vector editor suitable for professionals.

Artboards quickly became an essential part of Illustrator. Illustrator has a dedicated tool for creating artboards on the fly and customizing them to your preference. Affinity Designer falls short in this area. You have the option to enable artboards when creating a new sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download. If drawing pad support is essential for your work, Illustrator читать the best choice.

Adobe has made sure it supports all popular drawing tablets. Drawing tablet support in Affinity Designer is still a work in progress. While it works well with popular tablets, many users have expressed their frustrations of tablet compatibility issues on popular forums such as Reddit.

When it comes to supported file types, Affinity Designer is way ahead of Illustrator. Especially because of the shared file type used by Affinity Photo and Designer software. This allows you to easily edit and customize the same file on both software. Affinity Designer also has a feature called Personas.

Which lets you switch between vector and pixel designs. Like for working on shapes and images at the same time.

Needless to say, Illustrator also supports all popular file types. However, having to keep both Photoshop and Illustrator opened at the same time to work on the same file can be frustrating at times.

The pricing difference is the main reason why many users lean towards Affinity Designer. And you get to use the software источник статьи the rest of your life and get all future updates for free. Adobe Illustrator comes as a part of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

There are thousands of templates, UI kits, icon packs, vector graphics available in various design marketplaces. Affinity Designer assets and resources can sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download be found in abundance. But not as much as Illustrator. On the plus side, all Illustrator files are compatible with Affinity Designer. So you can still use those Illustrator templates in Affinity Designer as well.

If you tend to make a lot of mistakes or prefer to have a backup plan in case something goes wrong, Affinity Designer will have you fully covered. It lets you undo your changes for up to 8, times. And it includes history snapshots as well.

Clearly, no one would be crazy enough to spend hours clicking the undo button for 8, times. Even though we sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download love everything about Affinity Designer, we still have to award sketch vs affinity designer reddit free download crown to Adobe Illustrator as the best software in the vector design industry.

In terms of usability, tools, features, community support, development, and overall functionality, Illustrator is still way ahead of all other vector design apps. However, you can still use Affinity Designer without all those unique traits of Illustrator. A free trial is available with all Affinity software. And be sure to read our Affinity Photo vs Больше на странице comparison as well.

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